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AntiSocial Hosting, (hereinafter referred to as AntiSocial, “the provider”, AntiSocial Hosting) a provider of internet related services including VPN’s, dedicated and shared server, website hosting and domain name services. These General Terms of Service (‘the Terms’) set out the terms under which AntiSocial Hosting will provide Services to the Client (as such terms are defined below).

To the extent that the Client is deemed to be a consumer (as defined by the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977) then these Terms will not affect the rights of the Client as a consumer and will apply to the extent that applicable law allows.

By logging into your account or updating files you are deemed to have accepted these Terms.


We offer varying plans of Hosting Services:

Shared Web Hosting. If you purchase Shared Web Hosting, your site is placed within one or more servers and resources are shared between many customers on the same servers; however, your site is given a unique address (DNS).

Dedicated Server. If you purchase a Dedicated Server, you will have full control over your server space and the complete configuration of your dedicated server. You will have administrator (root) access and a dedicated IP address. AntiSocial Hosting will have an account to complete technical support. Basic monitoring will be performed by AntiSocial Hosting using Telegraf.

VPN. If you purchase a VPN account you will be utilising a 3rd party network to access websites or services that you attempt to visit. AntiSocial Hosting cannot guarantee that the 3rd party will not store traffic logs.


Using our services, you (the consumer) must not engage in illegal activies that would result in prosecution in countries around the world. This includes and is not limited to the storing or browsing or indecent images such as child pornography, sexual imagery, storing of pirated material without consent.