Frequently Asked Questions

We're going to answer those questions burning in the back of your head.

Welcome to AntiSocial Hosting

Hosting you can really shout about. Enterprise level hosting and support without the pricetag.

With so many hosting companies in the market, how do we ourselves apart from everyone else? Simple. We created AntiSocial Hosting to be on hand and give you the best possible support, the very best from hosting technology and without the price. We know what it's like to ask for some support only to be treated like you should know the answer or worse, feel afraid to ask the question. Here at AntiSocial, we're different. There is no such thing as a silly question apart from the one you do not ask.


What does shared hosting mean?

Shared Hosting is the extensive term for traditional hosting. We’re open about what we provide and so we call our hosting ‘shared hosting’. This means that instead of having an expensive server given to just one client, we allocate the resources and space of our server(s) to just 15 clients at a time. The resources including CPU, memory and networking bandwidth are shared amongst all the clients on the server.

Do we really get unlimited bandwidth?

Yes. We do not care how much data you transfer.

However, we do reserve the right to monitor your usage and will contact you if, on our shared hosting platform you are consuming more networking capacity than others.

For example: You can transfer 100GB of data, but if during that time, you consume 80% of the available data pipe, preventing others from having a fair service, we will contact you and may limit you or recommend you move to a dedicated server.

Do you do cPanel?

No. We provide the Plesk control panel on our hosting platform.

Plesk is very similar to cPanel and in a lot of cases, more secure and easier to use. We favour Plesk as we’re trained in it and their license costs mean we can keep our prices low.

Where are you servers hosted?

We have servers hosted in a number of European data centers, including the UK, Amsterdam, France and Germany.

Our American servers are hosted in New York, Maryland and we also host in Canada.


What payment methods do you support?

We support PayPal and Stripe.

When you create an account with AntiSocial Hosting, you enter into a subscription setup with AntiSocial whom petition the payment provider to create an automatic payment to pay us every renewal date. We do not take the money, it is given to us.

Any issues with your payments, such as not being taken or cancelled need to be raised with the payment provider via your end.

What's the minimal term you support?

We offer subscriptions from just a month. You are free to cancel your subscription at any time and your subscription will run until the end of your subscription period.

If you for example took out a year, our system will maintain your sub until the end of the year. You are however free to consume services elsewhere whilst the active sub remains on AntiSocial Hosting.

No refunds in part or whole are offered; this is final.

How safe are my personal details?

AntiSocial Hosting have access to your personal details that you submit during registration of service and these are limited to employees of AntiSocial Hosting for billing, support and security purposes.

Our system uses MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) to prevent unathorised administrative access into our systems and all actions are recorded for fraudulent and abusive reasons.

Payment details are not stored with AntiSocial, we do not have access to your credit/debit card credentials; nor can we see why a payment would have declined.

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Do you offer technical support?

Of course we do. Our team of technical engineers are on hand to help you with your hosting service.

Hours of support

As we’re UK based, our hours of support are naturally around the UK GMT/BST timezone.

Our team is on hand from 8am until 8pm 7 days a week. Sometimes if an issue comes in out of those hours, you may get a response if an engineer is online. We guarantee the 8am until 8pm response, but you could get a response elsewhere.

Support limitations

You are not paying for a managed solution, you must be prepared to do the changes and fixes yourself under the guidance of our technical support team.

The team are available to complete work for you on a chargeable rate.

Why choose us? AntiSocial Hosting

Value for money

Because we don't have expensive or fancy offices, we're able to ensure our prices are kept as low as possible. We're here to give you the best without hurting your pocket.

The best technical support

We often hear from our clients that the support and service we provide is better than any other hosting service they've been with. This is a touching remark and we're always looking to continue and improve on this.

Technology Choices

We're not limited by our technology, we pick the best technology to solve a problem and so our service is literally customised for us and our customers. Our staff use the service for their websites, blogs and systems that we're confident you'll find our service easy to use and without issue.