About Us

We're your small business partner who are setting about to do big things.

Welcome to AntiSocial Hosting

Hosting you can really shout about. Enterprise level hosting and support without the pricetag.

With so many hosting companies in the market, how do we ourselves apart from everyone else? Simple. We created AntiSocial Hosting to be on hand and give you the best possible support, the very best from hosting technology and without the price. We know what it's like to ask for some support only to be treated like you should know the answer or worse, feel afraid to ask the question. Here at AntiSocial, we're different. There is no such thing as a silly question apart from the one you do not ask.

Provide the very best service, be honest, open and helpful when contacted. We're here to give you the very best we can, we're a small business with a big heart, ambitions and goals. We're on hand to help when you need us and we're constantly evolving our offerings to bring you the very best without breaking the bank.

  • Provide the best service
  • Make it easy

Our visions are simple; our founder instilled these from day 1 and we're always adjusting our values to be better for our customers.

  • Treat everyone with respect and urgency
  • Look to use the latest technology to further improve services
  • Keep prices at an all time low
  • Provide the very best support available
  • Do not overcomplicate issues or solutions.

Why choose us? AntiSocial Hosting

Value for money

Because we don't have expensive or fancy offices, we're able to ensure our prices are kept as low as possible. We're here to give you the best without hurting your pocket.

The best technical support

We often hear from our clients that the support and service we provide is better than any other hosting service they've been with. This is a touching remark and we're always looking to continue and improve on this.

Technology Choices

We're not limited by our technology, we pick the best technology to solve a problem and so our service is literally customised for us and our customers. Our staff use the service for their websites, blogs and systems that we're confident you'll find our service easy to use and without issue.